why vegetarian

Both the owners of Sola Cafe are vegetarian and they were excited by the challenge of providing vegetarian fare in a predominantly dairy farming area. They felt confident after visiting the flourishing town of Thames that the community needed a cafe that cooked modern, tasty food with a point of difference.

Due to the high standards set by Sola Cafe with it's great food and consistently good coffee the absence of meat is not an issue for most diners and a bonus for many. This being the case Kate and Clare have been able to educate their loyal customers that vegetarian food is not limited to mung beans & lentils but can also contain a complexity of diverse flavours not usually encountered when a meal is dominated by meat or fish.

The dairy products Sola uses are all as animal friendly as possible. The sour cream, yoghurt and cheeses are brands that do not use gelatine or animal by products as setting agents. Most cafes use free range eggs for their breakfasts these days as the quality is so much better, which is great, but Sola takes that a step further by using them in all their baking and cooking as well.

So for those people who are already vegetarian this cafe is a jewel in the crown of this awsome area of New Zealand. If you wish to know more about the harm done, not only to critters, but to our living planet, by farming animals for food see the below links. Otherwise just enjoy good tasting food with a feel good factor!

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