wheat and gluten free menu

Sola has a strong commitment to providing meals and snacks to people with food allergies. As well as this fixed menu there are also daily specials, so enquiries on the day are advised.

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Rice flour Bagel w cream cheese, pesto and tomato (dairy optional) $8.50
Rice flour Panini w roast vegetable filling (dairy optional) $12.50
Pan fried Polenta with smoked field mushroom, spinach and goats feta  $10.50
Eggplant, pumpkin, and caramelised red onion Risotto Cake (dairy free) with salad $10.50
Grilled cheese corn and potato Enchillada $10.50
Fried desiree potato and fresh herb Frittata with salad (dairy free) $10.50
Salad mixes (daily choice of 3 scrumptious varieties in 3 sizes) $9.50
e.g: Beetroot w pumpkin seed and mint
Chickpea w roast carrot and kumara
Qiunoa w seseame and tamarind
Soup of the day with Buckwheat and millet toast (winter only)
e.g: Yellow split pea w spicy yoghurt and coriander pesto
Curried pumpkin and orange w sour cream
Fresh button mushroom
Sweets: Banana and berry sweet muffin
Coconut and 'fruit of the day' friand
Caramel, fruit and nut florentine
Fresh Turkish delight in various flavours.
Chocolate almond truffles