lunch menu

All meals served in generous portions with homemade tomato relish and fresh salad greens with olive oil & balsamic dressing.

Pan fried polenta with smoked field mushroom, spinach & goats feta $11.50
Spanakopita with rice, feta, spinach and nutmeg $11.50
Kumara, sundried tomato and spring onion fritters with salad greens $10.50
Pumpkin, pea and caramelised red onion risotto cake with salad
Grilled corn, mushroom and potato enchilladas $10.50
Quiche or panini of the day with salad $10.50
Fried desiree potato and fresh herb frittata with salad greens $10.50
Kumara, cheese, tomato, spinach & zahtar spice Wrap with sourcream & relish $12.50
Layered eggplant and polenta lasagne with salad $12.50
Artichoke, basil, olive and sundried tomato pizza $12.50
Soup of the day w 5 grain toast (winter only)
e.g. Yellow split pea with spicy yoghurt and coriander pesto


Salad mixes (daily choice of 3 scrumptious varieties in 3 sizes)
sm $6.00 med $9.00 lg $12.50
e.g. Roast Beetroot w coconut & mint
Chickpea w roast carrot and kumara
Orzo w olive and sundried tomato
Cous Cous w date and orange
Qiunoa w seseame and tamarind