our coffee

Sola cafes choice of coffee is from a boutique roasting house in Auckland called Altezano. Altezano coffee carries the ESB label - Ethically Sourced Beans which guarantee the coffee growers get the best price possible for their beans.

They use the highest grade Arabica coffee beans from Latin America and Africa. The beans are roasted before blending in order to maximise their flavour profiles. The blend that Sola has chosen from their range is the house blend. It is richly aromatic, fullbodied and smooth with a hint of chocolate in the aftertaste. Completely unique to other flavours available on the NZ market and something you will quickly become fully addicted to!

Sola's focus on producing excellent coffee is serious. The baristas on staff are trained in-house to guarantee consistancy of flavour and quality. Although Thames is off the beaten track they get twice weekly deliveries from Altezano to ensure that the oils in the bean remain as fresh as possible.