wholesale catering

Sola does not produce fingerfoods for functions etc, but they do sell most items from their menu in bulk at discounted rates. These items are only available to people within the Thames, Coromandel region who can pick up their orders directly from the cafe.

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Savoury items:
Whole quiche 25cm round $35.00
Individual risotto cakes $6.50
Individual Frittata $6.50
Whole Pizza 40cm round $40.00
Bulk Salads:
2 litre (serves 12) $30.00
4 litre (serves 25) $55.00
Dips and spreads - 250gm tub:
Pesto $6.50
Chargrilled red capsicum dip $8.50
Tomato relish $6.50
Hummus $4.50
Sweet items:
Chocolate cake $35.00
Orange & Almond cake $45.00
Carrot cake $35.00
Individual friands $3.50
Whole choclate brownie slab 34x24cm $35.00